Florida Pink Gold – Dixie Fish Co.

We’ve come along way since the days of the “pink gold”.

In the early 1900’s, commercial fishing was a way of life in South West Florida, especially the Estero Bay area where Doc Ford’s & our sister restaurant The Dixie Fish Co. is located today. Through the 20’s, 30’s, & 40’s locals gathered scallops, clams, oysters, mullet, snapper and more to deliver to Bradley’s fish house on Crescent St. and the Kleen Fish fish-house on Miramar where they would make a living.

In 1937 The Dixie Fish Co. was built and became one of the best places around to both buy and sell that days catch. By the 1950’s, the fishing industry was hit with what we call today, “Pink Gold”. Pink gold was a nickname given to shrimp. Their abundance right off the South West Florida coast made it a game changer in the fishing industry. Shrimp boats would tie up all along Matanza’s Pass, where you can still see many of them today.

The accessibility of The Dixie Fish Co. for fishermen made it ideal for always having the freshest seafood around.

Surprisingly, having gone through many-a-hurricane, the building still stands today where it not only harnesses the character its gathered throughout the years, but now serves as one of the best waterfront restaurants on Ft. Myers Beach.

The Dixie Fish Co’s tin roof, wide open, windowless atmosphere is the perfect place to enjoy all that Ft. Myers Beach has to offer. Live music & amazing views paired with great food will make you glad you found this little piece of culinary history.

Today, she’s an award winning waterfront restaurant.

With a smaller menu than it’s sister restaurant Doc Ford’s, which is located right next door, it provides the same quality service along with an unforgettable atmosphere.

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