Hurricane Ian Rebuild - Doc Fords Rum Bar & Grille

Hurricane Ian Rebuild

We’re Coming Back!

There’s no doubt about it, just give us some time.

We’re creating this page to keep everyone in the loop with regards to our rebuild process. We’ve heard and appreciate all the well wishes, thoughts and prayers you’ve sent our way and can’t thank you enough. Check back periodically for up to date information on our mission to build back better! You can also follow up on Facebook or Instagram for the latest updates!

Doc Ford’s Sanibel:

Doc Ford’s Fort Myers Beach:

Our Doc Ford’s Fort Myers Beach location is currently still closed due to Hurricane Ian. This location received the worst damage of any location. Unfortunalty the entire lower lever was washed out by upwards of 18′ of storm surge! For those of you familiar with this location, we received 1.5′ of water UPSTAIRS in the main dining as well. We’ve since done an extensive cleaning with the help of staff and FEMA, and continue to get our Ft. Myers Beach location closer to a point where we can rebuild. Once our utilities are reestablished and safe to tie into, we’ll being putting back the pieces!

The initial impact of Hurricane Ian on the Ft. Myers Beach community was nothing short of devastating and unbelievable. Streets and buildings were unrecognizable, but kiddos to this community for allowing the reality of the situation sink in very quickly in order to get to work the very next day.

We don’t have a good enough gage on a timeframe for re-opening the Ft. Myers Beach location to announce anything, but when we do you will know immediately. Many of the utilities in the community need to be completely redone, and our efforts to rebuild are contingent on those things getting done first. Trust us, everyone is working tirelessly to get this community back as fast as possible. We’ll be back!

Doc Ford’s Captiva:

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce our Captiva Island location will close indefinitely as South Seas Island Resort works to rebuild their property.

We want to thank all our loyal customers for many years of fun and enjoyment at Doc Ford’s Captiva, our staff for continuously being the most professional in the business, and to South Seas Island Resort for being a great partner.

We’re working feverishly to reopen our Sanibel Island and Ft. Myers Beach locations that were damaged by Hurricane Ian, and look forward to updating you as we progress!

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