Signature Yucatan Sauce made available to you!


Finally! Welcome to the page that will change your dinner parties, rearrange your list for Thanksgiving dinner, and spice up your cookbook, no pun intended. We made it possible for you to enjoy our Yucatan Sauce at home!

Introducing Yucatan Sauce bottles

Yes, you do have to add a few ingredients to the mix, but that makes it even better for you to control exactly how your meal will turn out. We added the sweet, spice, and everything nice of what comes from our Yucatan Sauce made in-house but left out the butter. Anyone who cooks knows butter often controls the whole sauce creation, so we leave that up to you!

The only things you will need is a:

Lime Juice
Jumbo (regular) Shrimp
Yucatan Sauce Bottle
A sprinkle of cilantro for the finishing touches

Slice of bread for the extra sauce that can’t go to waste.

This combination will bring out the inner chef in you and make you the talk of the dinner party! We’ve received many suggestions on how our customers make their shrimp, which can be in a skillet on the BBQ, in the oven, or on the stove. There are endless possibilities.

Check out some gems made at home with our Yucatan Sauce!

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