Taste the Magic: Amazon Hot Pepper Sauces

Doc Ford’s Hot Sauce Collection

On a scale from 1 to absolutely amazing, what would you think our hot sauce collection would fall under? You got a variety of options to choose from ranging from mildly sweet to Habanero hot! 

Within the last week, we recently read a review from a woman that just turned 102 and she couldn’t get enough of each bottle of hot sauces with her Doc Ford’s meal. So there are no excuses to not test the waters with all of them and see which one will be your favorite. 

Let’s say you aren’t really a hot sauce kind of person, that you don’t give the hot sauce a second thought when enjoying your meal. That my friend is the reason we are here. We are here to introduce you to the world of Columbian Chili peppers that can complement your meal and commit you to be a die-hard fan of our hot sauce collection. 

As most of you are familiar, Doc Ford traveled far and wide all over South and Central America. Experiencing the food and spices of different cultures gave us the opportunity to open our knowledge of what our peppers are compatible with and how they differentiate from others.

Hot n’ Sweet Mango Sauce

Take our Mango Sauce, for example, this hot sauce is considered mild compared to the others because this sauce carries a different flavor of spice. Combining the spices of Mango, Passion Fruit, Cayenne Pepper, and just enough Habanero pepper to leave that kick on your tongue after eating. Mango, also known as the “king of fruits” is rich in flavor, fragrance, and taste.

Try it with rice or breaded and deep-fried foods.

It also works great as a quick dip.

Chipotle Pepper Sauce

Chipotle sauce is number #2 in mildness and created the perfect BBQ smokey flavored hot sauce.

In the Slopes of the Amazon jungle, there is an old smokehouse filled to the brim with peppers and fruits. Only one day out of the whole year, it’s lit to create our Chipotle Pepper sauce.

Add this magical sauce to anything that needs a little flavor. 

Green Pepper Sauce

Moving closer to the heat, Doc Ford’s Green Pepper Sauce is the next on the list as far as spiciness goes.

Anyone that is a hot sauce connoisseur knows the combination of delicious vinegar fragrance and an aroma of fresh ground pepper makes for a fan favorite at the dinner table.

Randy Wayne White traveled to Cartagena Colombia and discovered a green chili sauce that happens to be the best hot sauce he has ever tried!

Add this fragrant sauce to anything deemed to be irresistible.

Habanero Pepper Sauce

Last but certainly not least, we have our Habanero chili pepper sauce. It is said that deep in the wild Amazon jungle the habanero gods risked their lives looking for one of the spiciest peppers of all time. They searched over 4,000 feet of land and swam across oceans of crystal clear water to find this perfect fruit. You are now the owner of their greatest adventure up to date.


Now that we have introduced and given you every detail about our hot sauce, can you test your taste buds, and try our hot sauce collection?

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